5 things you can DO to act against racism right now.

The last few days have felt overwhelming at times, from the lows of the vile racism to the highs of the outpouring of anti-racism and support at Marcus Rashford’s mural in Wythenshawe. There have been TV, radio and newspaper interviews to give, countless comments to respond to and MANY MANY messages from our Cumbrian community asking what they can DO as individuals. We want to make taking action as easy as possible so, the brilliant insta account @everydayracism_ have summed up some great actions which we’ve included along with some things you can do right here in Cumbria.


We try our best to support you on our social platforms but there is so much more to learn. Please please please make your first action reading a book, we have compiled a fantastic list for you to get started with here.


This bit is the hardest bit, to address and look at our own prejudices is icky but essential, not sure where to begin check out our blog here which then goes on to help you dive deeper too.


Write or speak to your employer/school/MP/local sports team to ask them what they are doing about anti-racism. What are they DOING beyond condemning racism, are they even talking about anti-racism, is it on their agenda, do they even know what it is and that it’s different to being ‘not racist’? If they have Black and Brown kids/staff/friends/family have they checked in?
If you are writing to your MP the full list of email addresses is below. We will be sharing letter templates on our website soon but for now, go with your gut using the above advice.


Volunteer with us or other local organisations in Cumbria, we’ve put a list below of who they are. The commitment here at Anti Racist Cumbria? We have monthly meetings and ask you to check into our virtual office once a week. We use your talents where they work best to create projects for our communities and to dismantle structural racism in our organisations. Apply here


Register for our newsletter and especially our Anti Racist Summit, where we’ll be laying out our plan for an anti-racist county and how YOU CAN BE PART OF IT. Register here


MP contacts:

CARLISLE: john.stevenson.mp@parliament.uk

WESTMORLAND AND LONSDALE: farront@parliament.uk OR tim@timfarron.co.uk (listed as his constituency address)

WORKINGTON mark.jenkinson.mp@parliament.uk

BARROW: simon.fell.mp@parliament.uk

COPELAND: trudi.harrison.mp@parliament.uk

PENRITH AND THE BORDER: neil.hudson.mp@parliament.uk


Other organisations you could support.

@Multicultural Cumbria

@Mulitcultural Furness

@Furness Youth


@West Cumbria Refugee

@Penrith and Eden Refugee

@Carlisle One World Centre