A full theatre audience looks to the stage. The seven panellists are sitting on four sofas on the stage.

Anti Racist Cumbria Summit 2021

To Summit All Up 

Anti-racism is work. It is action. It is education. It is ongoing. And we know it can be difficult knowing where to start. It’s one of the reasons we hold public facing events, we want to help get the conversation going. As you may know, the first Anti Racist Cumbria Summit was held on Tuesday 2nd November 2021. The ripples are still being felt today. The sold out event was just the beginning for many of our attendees, and not only do we still get messages and emails about it six months on but we are now beginning to undertake work with people who had their lightbulb moment at the event. 

We set out to bring people together from across Cumbria, to create a safe space for conversations, and learn about some of the key topics that are an essential part of becoming anti racist. One of the most striking conversations was a panel discussion which tackled one of the questions we hear the most: Is anti-racism relevant in all White spaces?

The answer was a resounding yes. In the same way that all male spaces needed to be intentional about tackling sexism and creating gender balance all White spaces have a responsibility to address racism and embrace anti-racism. Because whilst racism might not be your fault – it is your responsibility.

“What strikes me is that this is a National Park – not a local park. These spaces will only become representative when people are actively anti-racist and do things that are specifically designed to invite people of colour into those spaces. It’s not like there are people saying ‘stay out Black people’ it’s often that people just haven’t thought about it.” – Sonny Peart Black Trail Runners 


You can see this session, plus several other important videos from the day here, and we strongly encourage you do so. 

We are currently preparing for #ARCSummit2022 and you can register your interest now



“An amazingly warm and friendly atmosphere in which the impact of racism was explained and described in different ways without accusation, anger or hostility. From the relentless hurt of micro aggressions to the often brutal reality of statistics on physical attacks, health and opportunity etc, it was a day in which all attendees could share an understanding that change is needed.”

“You have made me braver, and more determined to keep learning and to move on through the learning zone and to take action where I can and to use what influence I have. I was particularly impressed by your emphasis on the welfare of people who may be triggered by the difficult subjects we were discussing. Thank you for creating a safe space for the discomfort to be.”

“The most mindblowing, eye opening experience I’ve ever had in Cumbria and a feeling of being part of a warm, accepting and vibrant group of friends.”

“A hopeful, supportive community which encourages us to ask the hard questions and to have the uncomfortable conversations.”

“Thoughtful, professional, kind, balanced, inspirational.”