Be part of the Anti Racist Cumbria Book Club

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Did you know that reading is good for you? It improves communication skills, focus, memory and helps us build empathy. Reading also lowers our heart rate and can help reduce stress. There’s even a report that says people who read for 30 minutes every day live longer by up to two years! The other great thing about reading is that you learn new things, whether that simply be by stepping into someone else’s shoes and getting a new perspective or by being shown new facts, information and insight. We also know that for anti-racism, reading books and educating ourselves is a vital part of our practice. With all this in mind – why wouldn’t you want to be part of our book club?!

Who’s the ARC Book Club for?

We’re over the moon that helping us run our book clubs are the award-winning author Sophie Anderson and her daughter Nicky Anderson. The book club is for anyone aged 13+ though we may well split out YA (young adult aged 13+) and adults later down the line, but for now we’ll all get together.

If we read an ‘adult-only’ book one month we will make that clear in advance.

How does the ARC Book Club work?

The ARC book club is simply a relaxed online space to talk about a book. Each month we read a book, then meet up the following month to share our thoughts, feelings and learnings about it before we choose the next book. It’s not an academic space, it’s just a bunch of humans getting together to talk about a book. Nothing stuffy, no tests, no wrong answers. It’s free (you will have to get the books yourself though – remember libraries!) and you don’t have to be a volunteer or member to be part of it. You don’t even have to come every month if you don’t want to though of course we’d love to see you as much as you can.

First Monday of the Month

7:30pm – 8:30pm online

Free to attend

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What books will we read and where can I buy them?

We’ll be reading a wide selection of books. Some fiction, some non-fiction, some about anti-racism, some not. We will be mostly choosing books by authors from the global majority, typically marginalised voices and books about anti-racism.

All the books we choose will be widely available, where you can; buy local (they do online too!), support Black owned businesses or use your local library.