This time last year the UK was still in the midst of a media storm around racism. Protests were taking place worldwide and social media feeds were peppered with infographics, black squares and outcries of injustice. Black History Month 2020 felt more poignant than ever: after all, education is absolutely key to opening minds and understanding the origins of modern day racial discrimination. 

But on the eve of Black History Month 2021, what are we all doing to keep up this momentum?

As you can imagine at Anti Racist Cumbria, our calendar is pretty busy!


Our programme of learning throughout the month will include access to exclusive articles researched and written by our members across Cumbria which span from the ‘Dawn of Humanity’ right through to ‘Activism and Excellence in the Modern Age’.

Week 1: Africa and the Dawn of Humanity / How the World was populated.

Week 2: Africa’s Riches; Art Culture and Civilisations. Global Trade.

Week 3: Slavery; How / Why it Created Racism and the Legacy.

Week 4: Black Britain old and new hidden Black Histories.

Week 5: Activism and Excellence in the Modern Age. Where Next?

We’ll be sharing Black History lesson plans, assembly ideas, and where to find educational resources for BHM for schools, and we’ll also have multiple new educational pieces going up on our website every week.

There’ll be an opportunity to learn something new every day across our socials: we’ve got some incredible facts that we think you’ll find as fascinating as we did!


We’ve partnered with CO-OP and M-Unit to share a local centuries old recipe that highlights the connection between Cumbria and Black and Brown people in history: a Cumberland Rum Nicky, which originates from the 18th Century when Cumbria (or Cumberland and Westmorland as it was known then) was an important beneficiary in the highly lucrative trade of enslaved people. 

You can check out the recipe here, or pick up a special recipe card in selected Carlisle stores as of this weekend.

We are supporting Tullie House with the launch of a new, active collections campaign, Black Memories Matter, which focuses on crowdsourcing stories, objects and memories belonging to people with black heritage in Cumbria.

Our collaboration with The Rum Story sees the launch of their new Black History Month Exhibition, and we are co-hosting their special Black History Event on the 14th October.

In partnership with Kendal Arts Brewery, on the 23rd of October there’s an exclusive screening of ‘A Brixton Tale’, which has been described by critics as ‘a formidable education in media manipulation and edge’.

Last but by no means least we’ll be hosting a Black History Month Pub Quiz, which will be open to the public. Watch this space for more information….and start building your quiz teams now!


How will you be marking it?