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Growing up Black in Cumbria. Racism and My Mental Health

Author: Sarah Saunders It is mental health awareness week and the theme this year is ‘Connecting with Nature’.  The last twelve months have been challenging for everyone and prioritising mental health and wellbeing has never been more important. Over the past few months, I have been forced to confront and reflect on my own mental […]

‘WHEN’ do I belong?

Author: Zainab Houghton I wrote a little article a while ago, celebrating my religion and culture in Cumbria. It was very much an informative piece, which, to my surprise reached a large number of people on social media. Many of the comments and responses back were positive and supportive, but as you can imagine, topics […]

VIDEO: But I’m Not Racist Event

WATCH But I’m Not Racist Event On 6th May 2021 we held a special online event for people interested in understanding the difference between being ‘not racist’ and ‘anti-racist’. Welcoming a panel rich in experience and understanding and reflective of the ongoing work that anti-racism requires we covered a broad spectrum; from the seemingly simple, […]

Expert panel announced for Anti Racist Cumbria event

Anti Racist Cumbria have today announced their prestigious panel for a special online event taking place on Thursday 6 May 16:00-18:00. Leroy Logan MBE and Fitzroy Andrew will join Anti Racist Cumbria’s Chair Janett Walker and dedicated Anti Racist Cumbria member Ewen Turner to discuss the difference between being not-racist and anti-racist. Places for the […]

Chauvin is guilty. What it means, and what next.

On Tuesday 20th April 2021 police officer Derek Chauvin was found unanimously guilty of all charges relating to the murder of George Floyd. GUILTY: The third-degree murder charge. Chauvin caused George’s death by “perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life.” GUILTY: The second-degree manslaughter charge. […]

Hidden Black Bodies: Indifference to Black and Brown Missing Persons Cases

Author: Meghan Guy When Sarah Everard was declared missing last month, the nation mobilised in an attempt to find her – sharing her image all over social media and asking for leads on TV and radio. As soon as the first pictures of Sarah began to circulate when she was reported missing, I had a […]

Stephen Lawrence: The Murder That Should Have Changed A Nation

Author: Janett Walker On 22 April 1993, Stephen Lawrence was murdered as he waited for a bus with his friend Duwayne Brooks.   THE EVENTS THAT EVENING Stephen and Duwayne had spent the evening at Stephen’s uncle’s house playing video games and then went to take a bus home. They realised the bus they’d taken […]

Observing Ramadan in Cumbria

Hi! I’m Zainab, a Muslim woman originally from South Africa. I married a Cumbrian man and have been living in South Lakes for twelve years. I love living here, have made the most amazing friendships and am so grateful for all the opportunities that living here has given me. However as a Brown woman I […]

International Romani Day

Today is International Romani Day. A day to celebrate Romani culture and traditions and raise awareness about the discrimination and difficulties Romani (Roma) people still face. We have to be honest and admit we didn’t know much about Romani culture, but it’s been a pleasure both finding out and bursting the misconceptions and we hope […]