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Too Much is Never Enough: Meghan’s fate was always sealed

Author: Nykia Herron-Ash There was never going to be a way for the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, to ever truly be accepted by the Royal Family or the British public. Her fate was sealed from the moment she met her Prince. Her fate had actually already been determined by the DNA which was passed […]

Video: Black Hair the Pride & the Prejudice

Facebook Live Conversation On February 17 2021 five of our fantastic Anti Racist Cumbria members zoomed into our Facebook Live session from across Cumbria. Together they talked and shared their perspectives on their Black female experiences of hair. From how they look after it, to the racist microaggressions and discrimination it has caused in their […]

Remembering the New Cross Fire. 40 Years On.

Author: Sarah Saunders Thirteen Dead and Nothing said In the early hours of Sunday, 18 January 1981, a devastating fire raged through a birthday party being held at a family home at 439 New Cross Road in Deptford, south-east London. Thirteen young people aged between 14 and 22 were killed, twenty seven more were seriously […]

Kwanzaa – the global celebration of unity among Black People

AUTHOR: Sarah Saunders   WHAT IS KWANZAA? Kwanzaa is a festival of lights held annually from December 26 to January 1. Kwanzaa is inspired by traditional African customs and symbols, many related to harvest celebrations and community ideals of shared work, purpose, creativity, possibility, faith and togetherness.   The word Kwanzaa comes from the Kiswahili […]

Racism and Refugees in Cumbria

Racism and refugees in Cumbria Cumbria has a longstanding relationship with refugees. Whether it be in the aftermath of World War I or II, or in more recent times. Often, the terms ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ are confused and incorrectly used interchangeably in the media and public conversation. The definition of a refugee is described as: […]

Black people, racism and human rights

The damning Black People Racism and Human Rights report was published on 11 November by House of Commons and House of Lords Joint Committee on Human Rights – the UK Human Rights Committee. The Committee have stated that the government must take urgent action and called out previous government reports on racism as at best […]

5 Black Cumbrian Stories

How many Brilliant Black Cumbrian stories can you think of? It’s easy to think of Black people in Cumbria as a recent thing  but in fact there are records of Black people in the county from Roman times and no doubt there were Black people here since before then, though records are harder to come […]

VIDEO: Being Young & Black in Cumbria 2020

This moving video features interviews with black Cumbrian school children as they talk about their experiences being black in Cumbria today. Everyone is anonymous in order to protect them and the schools from further discrimination. It needs no further introduction but it does require a response which is why our Race & Education in Cumbria […]

VIDEO: Race & Education in Cumbria Event

Enabling Anti Racist Schools On 22nd October over 130 people including school leaders, MPs and Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner attended our online Race & Education in Cumbria Event. Anti Racist Cumbria’s mission is to make Cumbria the first actively anti-racist county. “Everything starts with education – it has the power to transform lives, but […]