Our 8 Step Anti-Racist Programme for Businesses & Organisations

We exist to campaign for anti-racism and to support those who wish to achieve it. A truly anti-racist county needs our organisations and businesses leading the way. Our 8 Step methodology leads organisations to our GOLD standard of anti-racism, it is a true commitment to doing better and playing your part in a society we can all be proud of. This is not a tick box exercise, there are no unconscious bias training sessions or forced online courses, our programme is both an organisational and individual journey that transforms cultures and embraces an intersectional approach that ensures no one is left behind. Anti-racism is at its core but by using a framework that turns different privileges into responsibilities our programme creates business cultures where everyone can reach their full potential. Building on the success of and learnings from our Anti Racist Cumbria Education Audit model, we have re-shaped our framework for a commercial environment. There is belief in our programme from our funders such as Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and thanks to theirs and others funding and by partnering with leading cultural change experts VA Consultants who work globally but are based here in Cumbria, we are able to both deliver this programme at scale and ensure the expertise and insight of those with lived experience are at its heart.

By choosing anti-racism your business will not only be ensuring that all people can reach their full potential with you, or can engage with you, but will be making an important contribution to society as a whole and funds go to support grassroots projects like this and many more that will be taking place across our county.

If you are interested in hearing more about our 8 Step Programme please contact us at hello@antiracistcumbria.org

Diversity is a fact. Equity is a choice. Inclusion is an action.

Belonging is an outcome.

– Arthur Chan