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Tips for writing to your MP

Whether or not you voted for your MP, they represent you and what matters to you until they are no longer your MP. Writing to your MP is a powerful way of getting messages to them about what is important to their constituents (people who live in their area). Here are some great tips which […]

Four activist organisations to check out this Black History Month

Author: Becky Little  History is being written every day. Despite attempts to bring in legislation such as the PCSC Bill which is being designed to introduce new police powers to subdue  activism in the 21st century there are more movements to amplify the voices of marginalised communities than ever before. We have undoubtedly come a […]

The Revolutionary Prince

Author: Janett Walker Prince Rogers Nelson was born on the 7 June 1958. We all know Prince was one of the most talented musicians of his time, he was a rare composer who could perform at a professional level on virtually all the instruments he required for a set and a considerable number of his […]