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Waverley Hotel – Dispelling Myths about People Seeking Asylum

Author: Liam Beecher The possibility that a Whitehaven town centre hotel – The Waverley – will be used to temporarily house people seeking asylum, has triggered some backlash from local residents. Therefore this could be an appropriate time to dispel some common myths and challenges about people seeking asylum.   “People seeking asylum can’t be […]

The photo shows three men smiling in a cafe, they are all refugees who have made a success of their new business in the UK

What’s the difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker?

ASYLUM. REFUGE AND THE IMMIGRATION CONFLATION. Priti Patel is bringing in new immigration rules which make it harder for people to claim asylum if they arrive in the UK illegally. That’s a simple sentence isn’t it? On the face of it you might see some sense in it and it’s probably all because of one […]