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Beyond the Black Pound Report

NEW RESEARCH has found that British businesses are missing out on up to £4.5 billion each year by overlooking Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic consumers.  The landmark Black Pound Report 2022 which was created and published by Lydia Amoah, Founder and CEO of BACKLIGHT, was released on January 31st. It found that ‘multi-ethnic’ consumers, (the […]

Azeem Rafiq’s testimony highlights the need for authentic anti-racism not knee jerk reactions

Azeem Rafiq’s damning, honest, powerful and emotional testimony this week has struck many chords. Black and Brown people are not shocked by his story, it is all too easily recognisable and relatable and should shine a light on racism in every workplace. Giving evidence to the cross-party Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Azeem spoke […]

Our 8 Step Anti-Racist Programme for Businesses & Organisations

We exist to campaign for anti-racism and to support those who wish to achieve it. A truly anti-racist county needs our organisations and businesses leading the way. Our 8 Step methodology leads organisations to our GOLD standard of anti-racism, it is a true commitment to doing better and playing your part in a society we […]

A full theatre audience looks to the stage. The seven panellists are sitting on four sofas on the stage.

VIDEO: Is Anti-Racism relevant in all-White spaces. PANEL DISCUSSION

This fascinating panel discussion was part of our SOLD OUT Anti Racist Cumbria Summit on the 2nd Nov, 2021. A ground-breaking event, it was a day full of practical workshops, inspirational speakers, local topics and panel discussions. IS ANTI RACISM RELEVANT IN ALL WHITE SPACES? Thank you to our incredible Panellists: Pran Patel, founder of […]

Anti Racist Cumbria Summit

BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW Cumbria is a complex county. Deprivation sits alongside affluence, heavy industry alongside natural beauty. Black and Brown people represent a disproportionately small part of our population. How is anti-racism relevant in Cumbria? Does it even matter to our all White communities? How can you and your company contribute to an anti-racist […]