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The Rights and Traditions of the GRT Communities Come Further Under Threat

As part of The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act, trespassing has changed from a non-arrestable civil offence to a criminal one – with much harsher sentences. This means that the police can evict those present on ‘unauthorised land’ and seize their vehicles if they have caused ‘significant harm, disruption or distress’. Guilty verdicts in […]

Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month Resources

It’s Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month #GRTHM and we will be using this month to educate ourselves and share content to help you too. Of course we’ll also be visiting Appleby Fair too.  Friends Families & Travellers The above timeline is just one of the brilliant resources from this website which has a whole host […]

Gypsy Leader Billy Welch and Gypsy community supporter Bill Lloyd deliver a talk about Gypsy history at Anti Racist Cumbria Summit 2021

Gypsy Leader invites Jimmy Carr to Auschwitz death camp memorial

Author: Mike Glover COMEDIAN Jimmy Carr is to be invited to Auschwitz death camp memorial to join the annual commemoration of the slaughter of gypsies by the Nazis. “Then he might appreciate the hurt and fear he has stirred up,” said Billy Welch, spokesman for the UK’s Roma population. Mr Carr sparked a storm of […]