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A rainbow pride flag has a central overlay of a black circle which reveals a clenched fist which has a rainbow that represents different skin tones.

Racism and Homophobia and how both communities need to support each other

Author: Chimwemwe Chirwa For this LBGT+ history month I’m looking at racism and homophobia. As a mixed-heritage working-class lesbian, I’ve taken a deep dive into what it’s like being a queer member of the Global Majority in society offering personal reflections and looking at how cultural norms impact the lives of queer non-White people. Terminology […]

Intersectionality & International Men’s Day

Author: Sarah Saunders Today is International Men’s Day 2021 Revived in 1999 from previous attempts to create a ‘men’s day’ by Dr Jerome Teelucksingh in Trinidad and Tobago.   It’s aim is “to become the global medium to heal our world”. The concept and themes of the day “are designed to give hope to the […]