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A mosaic of faces of different Black and Brown people. It appears as though the image has been slashed multiple times.

Microagressions Explained.

Microaggressions: remarks, questions, or actions made to people like us because of the colour of our skin. Though they are often done casually and without any intended harm they contain hidden insults and are based on racist stereotypes. They are damaging because they are incessant and cumulative, like death by a thousand papercuts.

‘WHEN’ do I belong?

Author: Zainab Houghton I wrote a little article a while ago, celebrating my religion and culture in Cumbria. It was very much an informative piece, which, to my surprise reached a large number of people on social media. Many of the comments and responses back were positive and supportive, but as you can imagine, topics […]

Video: Black Hair the Pride & the Prejudice

Facebook Live Conversation On February 17 2021 five of our fantastic Anti Racist Cumbria members zoomed into our Facebook Live session from across Cumbria. Together they talked and shared their perspectives on their Black female experiences of hair. From how they look after it, to the racist microaggressions and discrimination it has caused in their […]