TalkRadio appearance for CEO

Last week our CEO & Co-Founder Janett Walker was invited to speak with Cristo Foufas on TalkRadio about alleged comments made by Prince William when comparing the war in Ukraine to those that happen in places like Syria or the Middle East. Prince William had been accused of racism when he’d allegedly said that;
“Britons were more used to seeing conflict in Africa and Asia.”
By the time the show aired, information was coming to light that William hadn’t quite said what he was being accused of.
It was fake news.
It was undoubtedly a tough conversation and we were proud of the way in which Janett conducted herself focusing on the human element of the issue and refusing to be drawn into an unhelpful debate with a different agenda. Whilst Cristo strived to insist that it was ‘ok’ to be desensitised to deaths and mistreatment of Black and Brown people who may be fleeing war and persecution in much the same way as our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are, Janett dealt openly and honestly with the issues despite them being so close to home.
Janett spoke of the rhetoric surrounding some media coverage of the Russia-Ukraine war, particularly news outlets pushing a narrative that war on European soil with people who look like them (blond hair, blue eyes) or who are ‘civilised’ is unacceptable, shocking and dangerous. She pointed out that the suggestion or message is that war in places like Africa is ‘normal’ that lives in those places are less valuable and that we do not need to offer aid and support in the same way as a result. Janett focused on compassion and humanity and reminded us that we should never become desensitised about death, persecution or hatred of a human being just because of the colour of their skin. It doesn’t matter how long a war lasts nor how close or far away from us it takes place.
We stand with Ukraine and we see them. We, like everyone else, demand that the hurdles being put in place in terms of their refugee status and movement by the UK government are removed immediately. We stand too with Black and Brown people experiencing the same horrors and ask that the out pouring of support and love given to the people of Ukraine is afforded to all refugees and displaced people. We demand our government, led by the poisonous rhetoric of the Home Secretary withdraws aspects of the immigration bill that reinforces that dehumanisation and ensures that Black and Brown people fleeing war from Africa and Asia will no longer have the right to seek asylum or claim refugee status in the UK.
You can listen again here to the conversation:
18:00-18:30 section around 6 minutes in
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