The Fell We Climb: Crowdfunder

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‘The Fell We Climb’ is an animated short film inspired by the real life experiences of Black and Brown youngsters growing up in Cumbria. Anti Racist Cumbria have teamed up with Plus3K animation studio, and Executive Producer TV Presenter Nigel Clarke, best known for hosting Cbeebies’ Baby Club and Toddler Club and founder of the amazing Dadvengers, to bring to life a spell-binding and authentic character driven story to inspire future generations to become anti-racist.

The Animated Futures group was brought together by Anti Racist Cumbria in 2020 to learn animation and explore culture and identity. The project began life as a space for young Black and Brown children to connect about what it means to grow up in Cumbria if you aren’t White. For many of these children it was the first time they had even met another young person who looked like them. We quickly realised how passionate the kids were about an anti-racist future with their clear vision for change, and the project organically grew to become as epic as they are. The film is based on their real-life experiences.

Packed with a powerful message, this short film has already had such an incredible impact on everyone involved in the process so far. We follow Hamira, a young Cumbrian girl as she navigates her way through racism in its many forms and what inspires her to share her story and how she strives for positive change. We hope this film will not only inspire young people across the world to celebrate their differences but motivate even the coldest of hearts to become actively anti-racist. It’s a truly uplifting experience that we can’t wait to bring to your screens!

At Anti Racist Cumbria, we believe our beloved Cumbria has an historic opportunity to become the UK’s first actively and openly anti-racist county where anyone can succeed and live without fear of discrimination due to racism. Since the charity was founded, we’ve collaborated with local schools, businesses, football clubs and communities to create a forward thinking and an activiely anti-racist environment where we as a county can thrive. It’s a challenge, and there’s still work to be done, which is why projects such as this are so important!

Through generous donations and in-kind support, we have already generated £30,000 that has helped us reach the pre-production stage with a completed animatic edit, as well as engage over 40 young people in the process. We’re now looking to raise a further £30,000 which will allow us to hire a dream team of industry animators and designers to take the film to the next level, fully animate it to the best possible standard and present it at prestigious film festivals.

This crowdfunder is also to raise essential money to future-proof the grass roots project so that the kids can continue to enjoy it, as well as allowing more children to benefit from this amazing project as it grows to share more anti-racist stories and experiences. 

We will also share the finished film as a free anti-racism education resource to all schools in Cumbria.

If you are able to donate, we have some incredible rewards packages we’ve put together thanks to our talented team, to thank you for your support – you have no idea just how much it means! If you are unable to help financially we’d be over the moon if you could share the project as far and wide as you are able.

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