About Us

Anti Racist Cumbria is a registered charity, created in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. We exist to identify, challenge, tackle and end racism in Cumbria. Our vision is simple, an actively anti-racist county. Our projects are practical and deal with the root causes of systemic racism in our schools, businesses, communities and wider organisations. Our eighty plus multi-racial members have a broad range of professional and cultural backgrounds all working together towards our one aim

“Tackling and ending racism through action and education to create a forward-thinking and actively anti-racist Cumbria; free from prejudice and systemic inequalities.”

An anti-racist society is good for everyone.

Action is the only remedy to indifference: the most insidious danger of all.

Elie Wiesel

Anti Racist Cumbria is an organisation which:

Highlights and challenges Cumbrian places, spaces and organisations where systemic racism exists

Works with these organisations to do better through partnership working and enterprise solutions

Brings together the voices and experiences of those affected by racism in Cumbria

Supports the black and brown Cumbrian population by connecting with each other, helpful organisations and wider community networks




We aim to create an inclusive community which is constantly moving forwards towards unconditional positive regard for all. We are relational, collaborative and solution focused, building a fun, welcoming and supportive space where people can think big, feel valued and a sense of belonging.



We are bold and unapologetic. We lead the way and dare to be different. We do the right thing and are confident to take risks, reaching beyond existing boundaries to challenge the status quo. We are ambitious to drive and embrace change, finding new and creative ways to grow and challenge ourselves and others.



Passion and positivity is at the heart of who we are. We recognise that good work takes time and are determined to deliver sustainable and meaningful impact. We are approachable and use our drive, commitment and perseverance to energise, engage and inspire others to enable learning and growth.



We hold ourselves accountable and aspire to be exceptional, bringing our best to all we do and all we say. We are agile, eager to learn and evolve, bringing an adventurous and open-minded approach to setting new standards in all we do. We give with abundance and are continuously moving forward.



We take responsibility for our own behaviour and show up in ways that enable others to be their best. We seek to be present. We respect our shared humanity with a culture of belonging, where all are welcome. We treat others with respect and recognise that passion and personalities may differ, but that all matter.



We listen, engage, connect and encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion. We approach situations with an open mind with the intent to understand first. We explore and value diverse perspectives and voices knowing it takes people with different ideas, experiences and backgrounds to succeed.



We are real, accessible and kind. We build open, honest and fair relationships through authentic communication. People trust us to be true to our word and we act with integrity, bringing transparency to conversations. We are committed, hardworking and strive to do more with less. We remember the roots of the struggle, who we are and why we are here.

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