Well, we go beyond campaigning for change and help people and organisations achieve it. 

Our blueprint for an anti-racist county is being endorsed all the time by individuals, those organisations already working with us and even funders such as  Esmée Fairbairn and Paul Hamlyn who help support our organisational overheads.

Our approach takes in four main areas which are laid out here, these help identify and dismantle racism and embed anti-racism into the structures of the county whilst educating and engaging our predominantly White communities with anti-racism and uplifting the experiences, contributions and voices of our Black and Brown communities. Our approach leaves space for those organisations who work in other areas such as multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion, important and valid work which can enhance the work of anti-racism but cannot solve racism alone. 

An anti-racist society is good for everyone, somewhere no one is left behind. 

So how do we create one?

Impacting Leadership

Working with businesses and leadership spaces, we encourage organisations to become anti-racist and support them to do so through our range of anti-racist business offerings. These include 

  • Power Hours that help get the conversation going and create those lightbulb moments
  • Full and half day Conversation Day sessions which deepen learning and introduce practical solutions in your business 
  • Our 8 Step Programme which takes businesses from being performative and reactive to the gold standard of anti-racism work

This work not only helps us achieve our charitable aims and create more anti-racist organisations but the money received from businesses supports the long term sustainability of our anti-racist work and subsidises our work with schools and communities. 

If you are interested in hearing more about our 8 Step Programme please contact us at hello@antiracistcumbria.org

Transforming Education

Meaningful change starts with education. Preventing racism before it happens.
Our focus with education is to support educational leaders and teachers to be anti-racist as they grow confidence understanding and talking about racism. Later this year we present the findings of the anti-racist audits completed by more than 30 schools on our programme to Cumbria County Council before we develop the next stages of our in-depth educational programme.
For those schools not yet engaged but keen to build anti-racism into their practice, we have worked with Global Learning London and Cumbria Development Education Centre to develop a range of programmes for teachers called Towards An Anti Racist Classroom (TARC). These online sessions support teachers by building confidence talking about racism, delivering an anti-racist education and provide lesson ideas and support that contributes to all aspects of a pupil’s development particularly supporting their critical thinking, creativity, empathy and resilience.

Communication & Campaigning

We educate the people of Cumbria about anti-racism through our social media platforms, website, monthly e-newsletter, printed quarterly magazine and press and media appearances.

Our educational, creative visual campaigns are extremely well received with high levels of engagement.

We further educate through initiatives such as our inaugural (sell-out) Summit November 21, regular key public facing events (online and IRL) and are commissioned as speakers and presenters for other organisations. We are seen as the ‘go to’ organisation by county-wide media on racial and intersectional social justice issues.

With support from the FTE team, a strong experienced cohort of our volunteers run our local politics campaigning group and are currently focused on Anti Racist Cumbria’s impact on Cumbria’s shortly to be unitary authority. 

Growing Grassroots

Change needs to work from the top down and from the bottom up. Working with and for our communities is as important and vital as working with our leaders, major businesses and educators. And in working with our communities, not only do we need to support our Black and Brown ones, we need to challenge and support our White ones to become anti-racist too. 

  • Animated Futures 
  • Workshops for Barrow secondary school kids
  • Carlisle Utd #FansForDiversity day
  • ARCangels launching Summer 2022. Connecting our volunteers with community projects, charities and events. By linking up our volunteers with other great local causes we can not only give back to our local communities but model what an anti-racist society could be. Working together. Listening to each other. Helping each other. 
  • SpotlightOn! Highlighting the voices, talents and work of Black, Brown and minoritised creatives with a connection to Cumbria. Hosted by Cumbrianactress writer and performer Lekhani Chirwa, we’ve met artists, singers, composers and more on our Instagram channel each month. 

From supporting young people through workshops, helping them create their own anti-racist campaigns, supporting fan groups at local football teams, volunteering elsewhere in our community, or simply creating spaces and events our grassroots work is beginning to take root.

“I’m so proud to live in a county and community where people are shining a beacon for hope and equality. The time, work and support from Anti Racist Cumbria for educators is inspiring and makes me excited to be helping make a change for our young people and communities. The journey for many of us has just begun but as our awareness and voice grow in confidence we can be part of a much needed change: change that can positively affect all lives.”

“Anti Racist Cumbria is an organisation which shouldn’t need to exist. Unfortunately, the work of challenging racist discrimination today and creating anti-racist communities for tomorrow is very much needed. It is also hard – wading through a tide of ambivalence, apathy and outright hostility is an all-day, every-day job. Anti Racist Cumbria have seized the strength of feeling in Cumbria following an outrage and turned it into action which makes people’s lives better”

“Anti Racist Cumbria is a force for good and one of the best things to happen in 2020. In a short space of time, during the most challenging year the world has ever known, they have made a difference, at a critical time. They are full of passion, hope, care and dedication to making Cumbria a progressive and forward thinking county and one of the reasons I chose to live here and build a business.”

“I have been astonished at what Anti Racist Cumbria has achieved in such a short amount of time. The professionalism and breadth of their work is incredible, and they really are making a difference in our county already; educating and supporting people to truly understand racism, providing training, creating connections and so importantly, working to hold people in high places to account. Watch this space. In a very good way Cumbria will never be the same again.”

“The immediate impact made by Anti-Racist has been unprecedented in terms of raising awareness and inspiring a county to embrace and take up the call to begin the journey towards Cumbria becoming the UK’s first anti-racist county. The events and contributions of Anti-racist Cumbria get to the heart of the problem and facilitate real conversations, imploring tangible action within the local area. It is impossible not to be moved, challenged or inspired by the team and their message and I look forward to seeing the change that they will drive to achieve their aim.”