ARCangels 1st Sticker Campaign Day is a Big Success!

On Saturday three volunteer teams from Anti Racist Cumbria were joined by members of the public who had chosen to volunteer for the day in exchange for items purchased from the Cumberland Building Society’s Kinder Cumbria shop project. In the innovative project items were purchased with volunteer hours rather than exchanged for money.

Together our fantastic teams visited businesses in Carlisle, Keswick and Windermere to talk about our vision for an anti-racist county and to ask them to show their support by putting up an Anti Racist Cumbria Supporter sticker in their window. 

We have been blown away by the welcome we received as 68 fantastic shops, pubs, restaurants and independent Cumbrian businesses put up stickers without hesitation. 

Janett Walker our CEO & Co-Founder said; 

“We felt so much warmth and interest from the businesses and the general public whilst we were out and about. It’s great to see that Cumbria is proud to be a county that is openly saying racism isn’t welcome here. We know putting up a sticker won’t solve racism but it does send a message that we are united against it as a county and we want to say thank you so much to our volunteers and to all of the businesses for getting behind this local campaign.” 

Businesses putting up stickers across the county included Carlisle institutions such as Bruce & Luke’s, The Thin White Duke and Foxes Cafe Lounge, Keswick icons like The Keswick Boot Co and Herdy and Windermere stalwarts such as Crescent Cards and The Queens. 

We know that our aim to make Cumbria the UK’s first anti-racist county is going to take a lot of hard work, but days like this make us feel like it’s within our reach.

Thank you so much to our volunteers and to all of the businesses who showed their support

We’ll be planning more days like this in the future but if you would like one before then, the stickers are available for a small donation to cover P&P over in our shop