From Mining Heritage to Green Jobs: Two films & a Discussion For Our Time


The Helena Thompson Museum, Workington

Monday 18th October 2021 18:30


On Monday 18th October at 6.30 pm our CEO Janett Walker will be chairing a panel discussion at an event hosted by Climate Emergency West Cumbria and Friends of the Earth: This special film screening & panel discussion at the Helena Thompson Museum will explore the mining heritage of West Cumbria and the opportunities new green jobs present for the region.

 ‘Workington Red’ (2019) by Julia Parks, a film looking at the way in which coal, steel and nuclear industries have shaped the landscape and people of West Cumbria, will be twinned with Humphrey Jennings’ classic ‘The Cumberland Story’ (1947), which looks at industrial democracy in the mining industry in West Cumbria in the 1940s.

The films are particularly relevant to the coal mine proposal, and it is a cultural event rather than anything political. Our aim is to stimulate a discussion about the industries of the past in West Cumbria, and to look forward to the future. The general topic will be: Do green jobs offer a viable alternative to traditional industries like mining for the people of West Cumbria?

The diverse panel will include, Valerie Hallard, who previously worked for the Cumbria Careers Service and has more recently been a member of the General Synod for the Diocese of Carlisle, Anne Chapman a member of Green House think tank who worked on the report ‘The potential for Green Jobs in Cumbria’, published by Cumbria Action for Sustainability in March 2021 and the local filmmaker Julia parks who created Workington Red.

The event is part of the work Friends of the Earth is doing alongside local communities and in parallel with other bodies like Zero Carbon Cumbria to secure support for the green jobs that would provide much-needed sustainable employment for the region. These include new jobs in energy efficiency, low-carbon heating, solar power and offshore wind which could bring enormous social and economic benefits. Such jobs would – we believe – offer a viable alternative to the new deep coal mine which is slated for development in Whitehaven.

These are the pressing questions of our time, you have the opportunity to come and discuss them with us.

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