Janett Walker will be delivering a session at #Cumbria30 in March

Our CEO & Co-Founder Janett Walker will be delivering a session at #Cumbria30 next month. Cumbria30 is a free leadership development programme for young Cumbrian people, sponsors include Arts Council England, Carlisle City Council, Cumbria County Council and the University of Cumbria

The programme will challenge a group of 100 young people to think through what their generation’s legacy will be. Naturally we want to see anti-racism form part of that legacy too, and we also really want that group to be a genuinely diverse representation of our county, so young people aged 18 to 25 from Black, Brown, and minoritised backgrounds – GET INVOLVED, if you need support in doing so, feel free to get in touch with us.

Starting on Thursday 24 February, this free powerful online programme, will enable participants to work together to tackle a challenge for Cumbria. COP26 (the annual UN Climate Change Conference), took place in Glasgow at the end of 2021, and all of Cumbria30’s UK Legacy programmes have a green challenge at their heart.

This next programme therefore asks the question: “How do we act together to transform our community into a cleaner, greener place for all?” Participants will investigate issues, collaborate, hold difficult conversations and work up ideas. They will then test, refine and present these ideas to local senior leaders.