ULTRAVIOLENCE. Film Partnership with Brewery Arts


26th Nov 19:55

Join us for at Kendal Brewery Arts Cinema for a special Q&A screening of Ken Fero’s powerful and intimate documentary.

The struggles for justice by the families of people that have died in police custody.

The silence over the police killings of Black people is now broken. Since 1969, over two thousand people have died at the hands of the police in the UK. Shootings, chokeholds, batons, gassing, suffocation, restraint and brutal beatings are some of the methods used. The numbers of deaths is escalating. Inevitably police officers involved are not convicted for these killings. In this documentary, the families of the victims of police violence demand justice. They ask why society ignores human rights abuses by agents of the state. This reflection on resistance is poignant and political, capturing the brutality and trauma as well as the unrelenting fightback of those who will not be silent about state violence.

Ultraviolence: the shocking, brutal film about deaths in police custody… The litany of deaths is horrifying. But what gives the film its power is its humanity. ….proudly, cussedly uncontainable.” Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian

Presented in partnership with Anti-Racist Cumbria. ‘Making Cumbria the UK’s first actively anti-racist county’
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