Tips for writing to your MP

Whether or not you voted for your MP, they represent you and what matters to you until they are no longer your MP.

Writing to your MP is a powerful way of getting messages to them about what is important to their constituents (people who live in their area). Here are some great tips which were originally shared by Gingerbread that we have updated for you to make your own here. There’s also a framework for you to use at the bottom too and if you don’t know who your MP is, simply enter your postcode here.

Tip 1: Make it personal

MPs are people! Connect with them on a human level, they want to hear about why matters to you and how their help can make a difference so make sure you include some detail about this in your letter.

MPs often only have a small team to help process their post and emails so sometimes it does take some time to receive a response. Usually they work Mon-Thurs in Westminster and then spend Fridays and the holidays in their constituency. So sometimes you might have to nudge them for a response.

Tip 2: Be persistent

It may take a short while for your MP to respond, but they should respond! And if you’re not happy with an initial result make sure you follow this up with them.

Tip 3: Explain what you want your MP to do

If you are able to, make it practical – perhaps you could consider asking for them to support your message in parliament, or ask for them what steps they are taking and intend to take on this matter. You could ask for them to meet with us!

Tip 4: You have to include your postcode

It’s parliamentary protocol that MPs respond to constituents only so don’t forget to include this. Below is an example letter which you can use to write to your MP.


Dear <<MP name>>




My name is << insert name here>> and I’m writing to you today about << topic / event >>. As a << who are you, a citizen, local business owner, parent, all of this?!  >> this issue is extremely important to me because <<reasons/your experiences>>. The Anti Racist Cumbria Summit impacted me << how/why/ in what ways >>



I would like you to <<clear actions points for the MP to take away with them and timeline on when you expect the issue to be resolved>>. 



Please respond to my letter and outline the steps you intend to take to address my concerns. If applicable, please escalate my letter to the relevant parliamentarian or department and keep me informed of any progress.


I look forward to hearing your response in due course.


Yours sincerely,


<<Full address including postcode>>