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What Does Racism Have To Do With Tourism?  

What do you need to consider before you travel in the UK? City break or country calm? Can I park nearby? Is there free wifi? Is breakfast included? Is the area racist?  British Black and Asian respondents to a recent study stated that instances of racial harassment, microaggressions and/or discrimination while travelling, were all experiences […]

TARC: Towards An Anti-Racist Classroom

TARC: Towards An Anti-Racist Classroom is our new educational programme that has been created in partnership with CDEC (Cumbria Development Education Centre) and GLL (Global Learning London). It aims to work with teachers and schools to embed lasting change, build the confidence needed to discuss as well as tackle racism, and enable educational settings to […]

The Fell We Climb: Crowdfunder

CLICK HERE to be part of something amazing and DONATE! ‘The Fell We Climb’ is an animated short film inspired by the real life experiences of Black and Brown youngsters growing up in Cumbria. Anti Racist Cumbria have teamed up with Plus3K animation studio, and Executive Producer TV Presenter Nigel Clarke, best known for hosting […]

An Anti-Racist Guide to Terminology

Understanding and rethinking the language that we use is essential to advancing anti-racist conversations. Language is fluid and identity is central to these conversations. We only need to look back over recent years to see how communities and individuals are reclaiming their identity as a result of conversations and knowledge. Not everyone will identify with […]

Be part of the Anti Racist Cumbria Book Club

>> Register here to get your zoom link << Did you know that reading is good for you? It improves communication skills, focus, memory and helps us build empathy. Reading also lowers our heart rate and can help reduce stress. There’s even a report that says people who read for 30 minutes every day live […]

Reflections on a recent visit to the museum of slavery in Liverpool.

Authors: Merry Fowler and Rob Fowler Anti Racist Cumbria members and volunteers. Merry and her dad Rob visited the International Museum of Slavery in Liverpool in February 2022. In this special guest article they share their reflections and insights of their recent trip. Content warning: This article contains some upsetting imagery from the museum.  Merry […]

How you can authentically support LGBT+ communities and anti-racism

Author: Chimwemwe Chirwa Terminology used:  the term colourism is defined by oxford dictionary as; prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. The term intersectional/intersectionality is defined by the Oxford dictionary as; the network of connections between social categories such as race, class […]

The N*Word

**Content warning: this article deals with the use of the N word and in doing so uses it in full on a number of occasions as well as sharing lived experiences by people who have been called it. The article also includes a homophobic slur. There are also descriptions and images depicting enslaved people. ** […]

Queer global majority stories you need to know

Author: Chimwemwe Chirwa Content Warning: sexual assault and murder   The LGBT+ rights movements in the US and Europe are well documented. Although the same can’t be said for UK LGBT+ rights movement. Historic England in their ‘who’s included?’ report on the UK LGBT+ rights movement explains how some identities, groups and periods have been better […]