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Be part of the Anti Racist Cumbria Book Club

Did you know that reading is good for you? It improves communication skills, focus, memory and helps us build empathy. Reading also lowers our heart rate and can help reduce stress. There’s even a report that says people who read for 30 minutes every day live longer by up to two years! The other great […]

South Asian Heritage Month – Introduction + Resources

South Asian Heritage Month runs from the 18th July to the 17th August. It was launched in 2020, and this year focuses on the theme of ‘Journeys of Empire’. This theme encompasses many different aspects of South Asian identity, not only in Britain, but other communities across the diaspora that were, and continue to be, […]

A black and white phot shows a section of a rally. A Black woman wearing a hat holds a sign that says BLACK WOMEN MATTER

Why Will They Not Listen to Black Women?

Author: Anne-Marie Bainbridge Content Warning: sexual assault, child sexual assault, violence against women, racism.  The recent revelations regarding the DJ Tim Westwood have been extremely disturbing, not least the seemingly growing evidence that the BBC not only knew about the complaints, as was first claimed, but appear to have actively covered them up. The question […]

Windrush Day 2022

Windrush Day was introduced in June 2018 on the 70th anniversary of the arrival of Empire Windrush in recognition and honour of the contribution of the Windrush Generation and their descendants and to keep their legacy alive for future generations, ensuring that we all celebrate the diversity of Britain’s history. To celebrate, Anti Racist Cumbria […]

The Rights and Traditions of the GRT Communities Come Further Under Threat

As part of The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act, trespassing has changed from a non-arrestable civil offence to a criminal one – with much harsher sentences. This means that the police can evict those present on ‘unauthorised land’ and seize their vehicles if they have caused ‘significant harm, disruption or distress’. Guilty verdicts in […]

Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month Resources

It’s Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month #GRTHM and we will be using this month to educate ourselves and share content to help you too. Of course we’ll also be visiting Appleby Fair too.  Friends Families & Travellers The above timeline is just one of the brilliant resources from this website which has a whole host […]

Gypsy levelling up plea to government

Guest Author: Mike Glover – Lakes & Bay Communications THE Government has been urged to include the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities in its levelling up programme. The plea came from a House of Lords select committee after they heard “shocking” evidence in a series of hearings earlier this year about the health and life […]

What Does Racism Have To Do With Tourism?  

What do you need to consider before you travel in the UK? City break or country calm? Can I park nearby? Is there free wifi? Is breakfast included? Is the area racist?  British Black and Asian respondents to a recent study stated that instances of racial harassment, microaggressions and/or discrimination while travelling, were all experiences […]

TARC: Towards An Anti-Racist Classroom

TARC: Towards An Anti-Racist Classroom is our new educational programme that has been created in partnership with CDEC (Cumbria Development Education Centre) and GLL (Global Learning London). It aims to work with teachers and schools to embed lasting change, build the confidence needed to discuss as well as tackle racism, and enable educational settings to […]