VIDEO: But I’m Not Racist Event

WATCH But I’m Not Racist Event

On 6th May 2021 we held a special online event for people interested in understanding the difference between being ‘not racist’ and ‘anti-racist’. Welcoming a panel rich in experience and understanding and reflective of the ongoing work that anti-racism requires we covered a broad spectrum; from the seemingly simple, what is anti-racism through to issues such as allyship and microaggressions. The topic is a BIG one, and more questions were asked than could ever been answered in the time allowed, but fear not, we will be picking up these unanswered questions in future sessions and when we cover specific topics such as the workplace, language, and white privilege.


We thank all those who take the time to watch the recording now, those who attended on the night, those who supported and in particular our panel for bringing their candour and rich experiences and insight to our audience. We’d love to know when you watch what your biggest take-away moments are?

I loved it when Leroy explained that “by being static and silent you are being complicit”


That sometimes how I as a White woman speak about anti-racism to White friends and family is not that helpful. I need to ensure I climb off my ‘high horse’ and use better listening and questioning skills in order to bring people on board. Essentially sometimes I need to meet people where they are and walk beside them rather than trying to drag them to my stand point.


The realisation that anti-racism isn’t a political position (although it can be), but a commitment to discourse – To challenge discrimination but also be challenged on uncomfortable subjects, and to be open to learning and working through disagreements rather than setting out your metaphorical stall and standing there with your arms folded.