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Cultural Appropriation: A Conversation

Spoiler alert: there are no easy answers here, no check list of what is or isn’t acceptable though we do provide some guidance at the end of this article. Reading this might give you more questions than answers, we hope you will find it interesting.   This post is an edited record of an hour-long conversation […]

THANKSGIVING: What’s the True Story?

AUTHOR: KELLE PEARCE According to the popular narrative, the first celebratory Thanksgiving feast was in 1621 between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe, which means that 25th November 2021 marks the 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving. ‘Pilgrim’ is the popular term applied to all the passengers of The Mayflower ship that departed from Plymouth, Devon in […]

Intersectionality & International Men’s Day

Author: Sarah Saunders Today is International Men’s Day 2021 Revived in 1999 from previous attempts to create a ‘men’s day’ by Dr Jerome Teelucksingh in Trinidad and Tobago.   It’s aim is “to become the global medium to heal our world”. The concept and themes of the day “are designed to give hope to the […]

Our 8 Step Anti-Racist Programme for Businesses & Organisations

We exist to campaign for anti-racism and to support those who wish to achieve it. A truly anti-racist county needs our organisations and businesses leading the way. Our 8 Step methodology leads organisations to our GOLD standard of anti-racism, it is a true commitment to doing better and playing your part in a society we […]

Courageous Conversations on Race: Some Helpful Hints and Points for Discussion

If you weren’t lucky enough to be at our Summit, you will have missed the insightful session from Fitzroy Andrew, Sukhjeen Kaur and Martin Saunders, where they sought to unpick current language changes and work towards losing the fear around talking about race. Here’s a round up from them of some helpful hints and points […]

A mosaic of faces of different Black and Brown people. It appears as though the image has been slashed multiple times.

Microagressions Explained.

Microaggressions: remarks, questions, or actions made to people like us because of the colour of our skin. Though they are often done casually and without any intended harm they contain hidden insults and are based on racist stereotypes. They are damaging because they are incessant and cumulative, like death by a thousand papercuts.

VIDEO: Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu explains Equity.

If you’re treating women equally then there should not be a gender pay gap. If you’re treating Black people and Brown people equally there should not be an ethnicity pay gap. When the outcome does not match the so called aim or intention you have nothing. We were incredibly proud to welcome Dr Shola as […]

VIDEO: Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu on Turning Privileges into Responsibilities

Our keynote speaker Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu did not disappoint! We all experience privilege of one kind or another, what we must each do is turn that privilege into a responsibility to do better. Here she breaks down just 5 examples of different kinds of privileges in a way that you may have not thought about […]

A full theatre audience looks to the stage. The seven panellists are sitting on four sofas on the stage.

VIDEO: Is Anti-Racism relevant in all-White spaces. PANEL DISCUSSION

This fascinating panel discussion was part of our SOLD OUT Anti Racist Cumbria Summit on the 2nd Nov, 2021. A ground-breaking event, it was a day full of practical workshops, inspirational speakers, local topics and panel discussions. IS ANTI RACISM RELEVANT IN ALL WHITE SPACES? Thank you to our incredible Panellists: Pran Patel, founder of […]

Tips for writing to your MP

Whether or not you voted for your MP, they represent you and what matters to you until they are no longer your MP. Writing to your MP is a powerful way of getting messages to them about what is important to their constituents (people who live in their area). Here are some great tips which […]