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An Examination of Black British Fashion

Author: Chimwemwe Chirwa Anti Racist Cumbria examines elements of the history of black British fashion, from the black is beautiful movement to the first black supermodel and the present day. Until the advent of the Civil Rights Movement the fashion industry operated its own kind of apartheid, which entirely excluded non-white models from its magazines, […]

What is Black History Month?

Author: Janett Walker – Chair Anti Racist Cumbria. What exactly is Black History Month? In the UK the focus of Black History Month is to celebrate contributions made to British society by black people whilst also sharing the history of black people in order to encourage a greater understanding. Throughout the month of October, schools, […]

5 easy ways to encourage diversity into your child’s education

These tips can support all families and educators. We’ve chosen these tips especially for Cumbria where the population is 98.5% white and it can be harder to find people who aren’t white to hang around with, which is a shame as our first tip would always be to support friendships and get to know people. […]