Local anti-racist kids applauded at Barrow AFC match

A group of youngsters who took part in our anti-racism workshop at Barrow AFC in March were guests at Barrow AFC’s game against Walsall to further spread the word about anti-racism.

At half time they were announced onto the pitch at The Dunes Hotel Stadium, they had chosen to wear Anti Racist Cumbria T-Shirts to have photos taken in front of a new anti-discrimination banner. They were applauded and cheered as they stepped proudly across the pitch.

This was an important moment for the young people, the Club, Barrow-in-Furness and Anti Racist Cumbria. Barrow AFC had recently had a racist incident happen during a match which young people had been involved in, so we were glad to see the Club take decisive and positive action by engaging with us and their local community and inviting us in to hold educational workshops with local schoolchildren.

Walking out on the pitch was an action the young people chose to take, it came after a full day of anti-racism work. It wasn’t the Club’s marketing team who just ‘wanted to show Barrow AFC wasn’t racist’ it was anti-racism work led by young people in the community. The Club, the All Bluebirds committee, the Bluebirds Trust and the Community Trust all worked together with us as part of the drive, which has the backing of Fans for Diversity.

At the workshops year 7 and 8 pupils from a variety of schools across the town were invited by Barrow AFC to The Dunes Hotel Stadium on Thursday 3rd March for the anti-racism workshop which specially devised and delivered by Anti Racist Cumbria education team, all experienced educators.

The schoolchildren were able to discuss racism within their groups, overseen by trained facilitators, to deepen their knowledge about discrimination and encourage them to continue to talk about it with their friends, families, communities and schools. The young people committed to a variety of anti-racist actions such as:
  • anti-racist assemblies

  • educating themselves more and reading more books

  • running anti-racism poster campaigns

  • teaching the teachers!

  • setting up boxes for anonymous reporting of racist language and incidents

  • doing articles in their student bulletins

  • doing anti-racist activities in form time

  • even walking out on the pitch at Barrow AFC match in Anti Racist Cumbria T-Shirts!